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Do you suffer from Pain? Sonic Wave therapy is a natural solution that can help! No medications! No injections! No manipulations! Your first visit is just $50.

As you know, if you’re in pain it can affect almost every area of your life. It’s time to get your life back with a treatment that has no medications, no injections and no manipulations. You owe it to yourself to experience the difference with something that works. We have found that 100% of our patients who have tried sonic wave technology experience improvement.

Sonic Wave is completely safe, drug free and in many cases has provided relief to patients who have tried everything else with no long-term success. Just watch some of the testimony videos below.

Here are some of the top reasons people come to see us and receive great results!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Sonic wave therapy is a relatively simple technology. It delivers invisible sonic waves that penetrate deep into painful muscles, tendons or joints. These waves stimulate the tissue which helps the tissue heal by increasing blood flow to the area while also helping to increase circulation and decrease or eliminate inflammation. The result? A significant or complete reduction in pain.


Richard Wolf developed this unique technology which is a linear focused pressure wave as opposed to a pinpoint focus wave generated by more conventional pressure wave sources. This linear pressure wave creates a more uniform and more effective focal area. Gel pads are used to adjust the penetration depth to a depth between 0 and 20 mm.

How does it work?

The area you feel pain is not always where the source of your pain is generated. The technologist, with your help, will find the focal zone. Once it is located, the focal zone will be where the pressure waves steepen to create maximum mechanical pressure on the tissue in that area. The pressure waves are generated precisely on the targeted tissue with the right amount of energy. The focused acoustic compression force is translated to the tissue like an extremely precise deep tissue massage.

How is this different from light or laser therapy?

Rather than light, or laser treatment, thermal energy (ultrasound treatment) is used to help promote healing by delivering mechanical energy. The result? Fewer therapy applications are needed to receive optimal results.

What can I expect for the treatment?

Most patients report immediate improvements such as a reduction in pain or increased mobility. Here’s how the therapy is performed.  One of our certified technologist will meet with you to first discuss your pain. This evaluation is critical because, as we have mentioned, your pain does not always originate from where the pain presents itself. In fact, hip pain could be a back problem as could knee pain. Hand pain could originate in the neck and so on.

The technologist will apply a warm jelly to the gel pad and then it will be directed over your bare skin. This is what we call patient guided therapy, when you feel a tingling sensation you tell the technologist and they will adjust the conic wave levels so you are comfortable. They will then work the area to stimulate the tissue and increased circulation and blood flow. The treatment only lasts for about 15 minutes per area. Most patients feel immediate relief, others just hours or a day after treatment. Depending on the level of pain you are experiencing or the culprit of your pain depends on how often you will need treatments. Some patients find one treatment was enough and others, find six to eight do the trick. Others, who are dealing with a chronic condition such as rheumatoid arthritis come in on a regular basis as a way to manage their symptoms and pain.

Helping you find relief is our mission!

If you are in pain, you have nothing to lose. We are here on a mission to help people feel better. We know because we are also patients. Dealing with pain is no way to live. If you’re in pain call us today and get back to living.

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Stop allowing pain to control your life. Seek relief today! No medications! No injections! No manipulations! Experience the difference….if you are in pain call us today!

Stop allowing pain to control your life. Seek relief today!
No medications! No injections! No manipulations!
Experience the difference….if you are in pain call us today!

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