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AHCN-Pharmacy has ONE GOAL: offer our members transparent and affordable pricing on all medications, not just the generics. In addition to offering members the best prices in todays prescription drug market place our AHCN-Pharmacy Agents do all the work for you to ensure YOU ARE SAVING WHAT YOU DESERVE!

Did you know that you can go to three different pharmacies and receive three different prices for the same medication? It’s true! But who has the time to call every pharmacy in town to ensure you are getting the best price? Let the AHCN-Pharmacy Agents do the work for you all at NO COST to our members.

Our research has shown that with the help from your AHCN-Pharmacy Benefit our members save up to 78% off everyday medications, so why pay more if you don’t have to?

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Examples Of Past Member SAVINGS!

Medication Other Pharmacies Cost AHCN Member Cost YOU SAVE
Enbril (4 pens)
Humira (2 pens)
Advair Diskus (3 inhalers)
Symbicort (3 inhalers)
Amitiza (180 tablets)
Farxiga (90 tablets)
Januvia (90 tablets)
Xarelto (90 tablets)

Please Note: These prices are meant as examples ONLY and are subject to change without notice.

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Your doctor provides you with a prescription.

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Call (844) 822-AHCN (2426) At Prompt Push 3 or Email AHCN.

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